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We are committed to providing one-stop service for steel pipe products to customers around the world.
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Packing & Marking

  • Standard Marking

    Provide one-stop packaging. We can provide customers with all types of packaging solutions to meet all project requirements, such as FCL planning, reinforcement protection, packaging photography, etc.

    Packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.There are probably hundreds of different methods for packing a pipe,Our packaging for pipe,tube, fittings and flange are critical to minimising product damage.

  • Standard Packaging

    Note : The package shall be perform at the option of the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified in the purchase order.

    Finished Products Like Pipes/Tubes/Fittings/Bars are marked with Electric Etching/Electronic Inkjet Marking machine.

    Each Product is marked with “Manufacturers Logo, Name, Size, Specification, Grade, Heat No. or as per Customer Requirements.

    For example:
    Marking Requirements of ASTM A53 Steel Pipe
    1. Manufacturer’s name or mark
    2. Specification number (year-date not required),
    3. Size (NPS and weight class, schedule number, or specified wall thickness; or specified outside diameter and
    specified wall thickness),
    4. Grade (A or B),
    5. Type of pipe (F, E, or S),
    6. Test pressure, seamless pipe only,

    7. Nondestructive electric test, seamless pipe only.

  • Wooden Packing
    Wooden Packing

    Fire pipes, fittings or samples are packed in wooden boxes according to customer's requirements.

    Because the fire pipe is relatively thin, some customers will require the pipe end to be reinforced to prevent deformation.

  • Plastic Packaging
    Plastic Packaging

    The packaging of the product plays a vital role in the protection of the product during the transportation process. Depending on the size, coating, processing type, etc. of the steel pipe, USI Group usually use pipe caps, PVC wraps, nylon slings, galvanized tapes, fumigated wood and other materials to protect the steel pipes.

    At the same time, our engineers can also customize product packaging design solutions that are more firm, stable, and easy to load and unload according to customer requirements.

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