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Quality Policy-Quality Control Quality-Management System

Quality Control & inspection

  • Quality Policy
    United Steel Industry Co.,Ltd is committed to comply with the requirement of the established Quality ManagementSystem(QMS) in accordance withthe requirement of API Specification Q1 and ISO 9001:2008 Standard and strive for continuallyimprove QMS effectiveness and customer satisfaction through competitiveness and efficiency in manufacturing of steel pipe and steel related services.

  • Inspection

    To make sure that every pipe leaving our plant conforms to the high standard we guarantee to our customers,our quality control department will follow seven steps to confirm the quality of our product.

    • 1.Visual inspection.
    a. Check and measure the thickness of the pipe to ensure the quantity meets the design specifications.
    b. Inspect the product for overall finish, surface defects, mechanical indentations, pitting, cracks, uneven surfaces, and inspect for welding defects such as porosity, undercuts, uneven welds, and excess or underfilled welding material . These defects are accepted according to the applicable ASTM standard.

    • 2.Dimension inspection.
    Dimensional inspection of pipes shall be carried out according to dimensional standards. The final dimensions of the piping must confirm the following standards, or shall be as specified in the purchaser's specification.
    For welded and seamless wrought steel pipe, the dimensional requirements are contained in ASME B36.10.
    For stainless steel pipe, the dimensional requirements are contained in ASME B36.19.
    During dimensional inspection, confirm the following according to the standard: Diameter, Length, Thickness, Straightness, Ovality & Weight
    Allowable variations depend on manufacturing standards.

    • 3.Marking&Packing inspection
    a. Packaging materials are checked by comparison with approved samples and specifications, and to prevent damage during shipping, the tube ends are capped. Star brackets at the end of the pipe are also installed in large diameter pipes to protect the roundness of the pipe
    b. Check for necessary package markings, including model number, quantity per package, dealer's name and place of business, country of origin, marks and marks of standards organizations, and stacking and handling marks.
    c. Check the clarity, size, color, conspicuousness, etc. of safety markings.
    • 4.Machenical test inspection
    In order to ensure product quality, certain pipeline inspection and non-destructive testing are carried out on the pipe body and welds during and after production. These pipe inspections will check for any physical defects in the pipe/welds that may affect its performance during service. These tests are
    Test the tensile strength of the pipe to determine how the material responds to forces applied under tension.
    Conduct deflection temperature test to ensure that the pipe sample deforms at the specified temperature, in line with international standards
    Pipeline hydrostatic test-Perform a hydrostatic test or hydrostatic test of the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline is 100% leak-proof, and also to ensure the pressure resistance of the pipeline

    1.Magnetic flux leakage inspection or magnetic flaw detection
    3.Ultrasound – can be done on the whole body or just the weld
    4.Radiography (for welds only)
    5.Magnetic particle inspection of pipe ends and welds
    6.Positive material identification.
    7.Impact test to determine impact strength

    • 5.quantity inspection
    Final visual inspection including packaging and quantity control

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