Advantages of anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe

Date:2023-02-06View:232Tags:Large Diameter Steel Pipe,Stainless Steel Pipes,Nickel alloy pipe
1. Good waterproof : 3PE anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe has relatively strong waterproof and corrosion resistance.
2. Corrosion resistance and impact resistance: it also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance at low temperature, and can be directly buried in the frozen soil in a certain environment.
3. Long service life: under normal circumstances, the service life of 3PE anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe can reach 30-50 years or so,
4. Low maintenance cost: 3PE anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe maintenance cost is reduced, can set up an alarm system, automatic detection pipe network leakage fault.
5. Good heat preservation effect: 3PE anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe has good heat preservation performance, and the heat loss is only 25% of that of traditional pipes. Long-term operation can still save relatively large resources and significantly reduce energy costs.
6. Convenient construction: 3PE anti-corrosion coating spiral steel pipe does not need to be attached to the pipe trench, can directly buy underground or water, in construction is also simple and rapid.

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