What is the difference between ASTM and ASME standards

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ASTM and ASME are both widely recognized standards organizations that play a crucial role in ensuring quality and safety in various industries. However, there are some key differences between the two.

ASTM, or the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an international organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. Their standards cover areas such as construction materials like concrete, metals, petroleum products, textiles, and more. ASTM standards are typically used to define the physical and mechanical properties of materials or products,Among ASTM A53 and ASTM A106 seamless pipe are widely used.

ASTM A53 pipeASTM A106 seamless pipe

On the other hand, ASME stands for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is primarily concerned with developing codes and standards related to mechanical engineering practices. ASME codes cover areas such as pressure vessels, boilers, piping systems, nuclear components, power plants, and more. These codes provide guidelines for design, fabrication, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of various mechanical systems. Amongmaterial specifications ASME b16.5 are widely used.

While both ASTM and ASME focus on standardization in their respective fields of expertise - materials versus mechanical engineering - their scope differs slightly. ASTM tends to be broader in terms of coverage across different industries and sectors. ASME's main focus is on mechanical.

what is the difference between astm and asme standards:
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard

ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials Standards

They are three different standardization organizations, and each standard has its own system, of which the most influential and applied is the American standard system.

ASTM is an American material standard, similar to domestic GB713

ASME is a design specification, but since ASME is a complete system, both ASTM and ANSI are included in it, such as SA516-70 and ASME B16.5.

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