Basic knowledge of steel pipe

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1.Black steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, mild steel pipe, ERW pipe.

Welded pipes generally refer to unprocessed (mainly surface treated) round pipes unless otherwise specified. 2. Rectangular tube and square tube:
Rectangular tube: rectangular (hollow section) steel pipe
Square tube: square (hollow section) steel pipe

2. Galvanized pipe: hot dip galvanized steel pipe

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe pre-galvanized steel pipe
Galvanized pipe: galvanized steel pipe, this name is more common, can be used to refer to electroplating, sometimes
Galvanizing of the above types may also be included. Galvanized pipes also in the absence of special instructions are

Refers to galvanized round pipe.

3. Seamless pipe: seamless steel pipe or seamless pipe
Because it is separated from the steel pipe, some customers will buy steel pipes that are not standard threading pipes to use as threading pipes. So don't stick to the form.

4. Some steel pipe ends require processing, such as flattening, shrinking, expanding, threading, chamfering, etc., without processing

Below is the plain ends.

A. Threaded. Generally, both ends are threaded, with a pipe collar at one end and a plastic protective sleeve at the other end. Theaded on both ends, one end with socket the other end with pvc cap. The types of threads mainly include British standard BS and American standard NPT. Because the standards are different, their supporting SOCKETs are also different.
If it is one end of steel pipe processing, such as: one end threaded on one end, if it is threaded on both ends. It is also based on the end or ends to judge whether the two ends or one end are to be processed.
B. Chamfer beveled, generally seamless pipes and large thick pipes are processed more.
C. Swaged end (one or two ends of the pipe are reduced according to customer requirements)
D. Expanded end (one or two ends of the pipe are enlarged according to customer requirements)
E. Flattened
F. Brushing, black painted. Generally speaking, painting is the overall processing, and it can only be 7-10CM from the surface and both ends.
G. Electrostatic spraying, powder coated. It can be sprayed on black pipes and galvanized pipes. The color is based on the sample or color card provided by the customer.
H. oiled, oiled
I. Injection-molded steel pipe and outer plastic-coated steel pipe: PVC Coated out side pipe, PVC coated in side and out side pipe. The calculation formula of steel pipe weight: (outer diameter - wall thickness) × wall thickness × 0.02466 × length = supporting weight

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