Steel pipe steel grade introduction

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1.A stands for ordinary carbon structural steel, F stands for stainless steel

2. P110, L80, K55 and J55 all refer to the steel grades of oil pipes and casings. According to the requirements of the API 5CT executive standard, they are divided into 4 groups of steel grades internationally:
Group 1: All oil pipes and casings of steel grades H, J, K, N
Group 2: All oil pipes and casings of steel grades C, L, M, T
Group 3: Oil pipes and casings of steel grade P
Group 4: Q steel grade oil pipe and oil casing
Therefore, P110 steel grade is the third group. Standard requirements:
Tensile strength: > or =862Mpa, yield strength: >758-965Mpa, elongation: >11 (reference according to steel pipe wall thickness)
Process method: quenching + high temperature tempering (quenching and tempering treatment), the purpose is to obtain a tempered sorbite matrix
P110: 30CrMo seamless steel pipe
J55/k55: 37Mn5 seamless steel pipe
N80: 36Mn2V seamless steel pipe
L80: 13Cr seamless steel pipe

3. Line pipe API 5L , Gr.X52, PLS2

Equivalent to L360NB if PSL1, equivalent to L360MB if PSL2

4.PIPE ASTM A 106 GR.B,SMLS,BE.ASME B 36.10 high temperature and high pressure seamless steel pipe
High temperature seamless carbon steel pipe, material standard is ASTM A106, size standard is ASME B 36.10

5. 16" cs seamless pipe, api 5l gr. b. psl-2, sch. 40, be, drl, nace mr -0175 /16"--16 inches

CS--CARBON STEEL carbon steel
SEAMLESS PIPE-- seamless pipe fittings
API 5L -- American Steel Pipe Executive Standard
GR.B.--grade b (B grade)
PSL-2: The standard of pressure (pressure unit per pound per inch). Generally, only PSL-1 can be done in China. PSL-2 is a higher standard, and factories rarely do it.
SCH40-- wall thickness of pipe fittings
DRL--double random length (that is, about 12 meters)
NACE MR-0175-- is an anti-corrosion standard

6. Sour Service - SS Series
API Sulfur Service Ratings

7. What are ERW PIPE and SAW PIPE?
What is API 5L PSL?
ERW PIPE: High frequency longitudinal welded pipe
SAW PIPE: High frequency submerged arc welded pipe
API 5L is the American Petroleum Institute's specification for line pipe PSL is the technical specification level used for the line pipe under this item:
Such as: PSL1 and PLS2 Generally speaking, the former is lower than the latter
At the same time, API 5CT is the American Petroleum Institute's specification for oil casing
201 is 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N, cold working is magnetic, mostly used in railway vehicles
304 is 0Cr18Ni9, the most widely used stainless heat-resistant steel, the price is higher than 201, because it contains more nickel

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